Wednesday, October 6, 2010

People of Integrity!!!

I have been thinking a lot about what integrity is and how we devolope integrity? Like most people I was curious and was looking through the scriptures for an answer. I was so excited that I found my answer that I want to share it with everyone. I was reading in the Old Testament about a woman by the name of Ester. Ester is a jew and the king not knowing she was a jew chose her to be queen. What an honor to be queen and especially since she was a jew. Well, the king's adviser Hammon didn't really like the jews and gets the king to approve a decree that says the jews are to be killed. Ester knowing this has the terrifying resposiblity of telling the king that she is a jew and about Hammon's plan. Doing this could cost her her life, but for the benefit of her people and because it it the right thing to do she does it. After reading this I have come to know that integrity is doing whats right no matter what everyone else says or does. How many of us could do what Ester did? I know it would be hard for me, but with the lord's help we can do anything. Before Ester goes to the king she and all the jews pray for help. If we pray for the strength to do whats right no matter what, I know that we will be blessed and be able to have integrity just like Ester. 

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