Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We all know the true meaning of Christmas. Tis better to give then to recieve, but I wonder how many of us really have that in our hearts. I know that at times I don't. I think of the presents I will get, the people that will give me presents, and wither or not I will like them. I have to constantly remind myself that the reason we celebrate Christmas is Christ's birth. If the savior Jesus Christ is who we are supposed to be like, then how Christ like am I if I am thinking about me and not others? It is interesting how being away from your family can make you think twice about what matters most at Christmas. It is truly about giving to others, and not focusing on ourselves. I have come to a greater apreciation for the things most of us take for granted. Like being able to call your family, hanging out with friends, and just being able to sit a home and relaxing. I am so grateful for this time of year and how it helps me to relfect on the year and the reason for the season. That reflection helps me to truly live the way the savior would, not only during this season of giving, but all year round. May we all reflect on the our the past year, and the real reason we celebrate this Christmas season. May that reflection help all of us to live that way everyday of the year. 

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