Wednesday, November 24, 2010


When you hear the word hero what comes to your mind? To some it maybe a sports icon, a singer, or an actor or actress. Others may think of super hero's. I have to admit that my favorite super hero is Superman. That is not what comes to mind for me though, when I hear the word hero. When I think of hero's, I think of the many men and women in my life that have helped me learn, grow, and helped build my faith and testimony. The first one that comes to mind are my parents. They have set such an awesome example for me, and their sacrifice for their children is something I am trying to do for others now. They are my number one fans, and I love them very much. Other hero's include Young Women leaders, Bishops, all parents, and other's that are sacrificing for others. To me a hero is someone that is willing to sacrifice for the benefit of others. I have run into many of those people, and each have helped me become the person I am today. Jesus Christ is the ultimate hero, because of his perfect example and unconditional love for everyone. He gave his life freely for the benefit of others. At this time of year and all year may we constantly be grateful for those special people in our lives who have helped us in any way. May all the hero's that don't get recognition know that they are loved and that they are doing so much good. You never know who may think of you as a hero, so let us live more like Christ and do good continually. That way we will able to help those that are in need of our help. If we all do that we can all be hero's.

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